Commerical Lock
  • Deadbolts, Doorknobs and Lever Sets
  • Door Closers
  • Desk and File Cabinet Locks
  • Exit Devices and Crash Bars
  • Master Key Systems
  • Rekeying
  • Store Front and Metal Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Safe Opening and Repair
  • Safe Installs
  • Kick Plates, Door Holders, Viewers (Peep holes), Weather Stripping
  • Key Pads – Alarm Lock / Trilogy / Kaba Simplex
  • Electric Strikes
  • Door Inspections and Maintenance
  • Metal Door Replacements
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Primus High Security Locks
  • Smart Locks

Keypad Locks

Keypads offer a quick & convenient solution to providing security to your business. We all know that one person who loses or forgets it at home, however the truth is traditional locks leave your business open to being picked or bumped. Forget about replacing keys & changing the locks. Get a keypad that offers more durability, better integration & most importantly security.

Scanner Locks

Does your business require certain personnel to have access to rooms? Scanner locks provide an excellent solution for you. Each key is unique to the individual to allow them access to rooms of your choosing.  At the moment of losing a key it can be virtually disabled to restrict access to unwanted guests who come in possession of it.
Secure Locks

High Security Locks

High security locks provide increased security by making it almost impossible to pick through the use of biaxial key cutting. Now, what is preventing an intruder from drilling a hole into the lock? A special enclosure that is practically drill proof to deter any intruder. Lastly, you’re going to ask, What if I lose my key? Can’t they copy it? Highly unlikely, only a licensed & authorized locksmith can copy the key at authorized location.
Keycard Locks

Keycard Locks

Keycards are perfect for businesses that have multiple guests entering a secure location. Not only does it prevent the door from being picked or locked, it allows the guest to see you understand the importance to their security & privacy. Once the card is no longer needed, it can be replaced for an affordable cost & reprogrammed.